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Complete Taxonomic details of Species: Cassia fistula Linn.

Family: Caesalpiniaceae Genus: Cassia Species: Cassia fistula Linn.( अमलतास )






Synonym Cassia excelsa Kunth, Cassia rhombifolia Roxb., Cathartocarpus fistuloides (Collad.) G.Don Flower Color Yellow - Orange
Common Name Amaltas, Karaunla Flower Type Raceme
English / Trade Name Golden Shower Tree, Indian Laburnum Flowering Period April-June
Vernacular /Local Name Amaltas Fruiting Period Oct-Dec
Altitude Up To 1200 M Fruit Type Pod
Habit Tree Fruit Details Pod Up-to 2 Ft. Long, 1 In. Diam. Cylindrical, Smooth, Hard, Indehiscent, Dark-brown When Fully Ripe, Obscurely Transversely Ribbed And Transversely Fragile, Septate Into Numerous 1-seeded Cells
Habitat Dry Deciduous Forests Bark Type Smooth
Distribution India, Nepal And South-east Asia Bark Details Bark Greenish-grey, Smooth Up-to Middle Age And At Maturity Exfoliating In Scales
Distribution in Haryana Ambala, Bhiwani, Faridabad, Fatehabad, Gurgaon, Hisar, Jhajjar, Jind, Kaithal, Karnal, Kurukshetra, M. Garh, Mewat, Morni-Pinjore, Palwal, Panipat, Rewari, Rohtak, Sirsa, Sonepat, Yamuna Nagar Origin Native
    Leaf Type Compound
    Leaf Arrangement Opposite (leaves in pairs along stem)
    Leaf Shape Ovate
Description of Species Tree, up to 20 m tall. Bark in young tree smooth and ash coloured becoming rough and dark brown in old. Stipules 1-2 mm long. Rachis glabrous. Leaves compound with 3-8 pairs of opposite leaflets, 6-10 (20) cm long. Flowers arranged in drooping racemes, each raceme Calyx hairy, ovate. Petals 5, obovate, blunt, distinctly veined. Fruit a pod, terete, glabrous, indehiscent, black glossy brown, 40-100 seeded. Leaf Details Leaves Compound 22.5-40 Cm Long, With 3-8 Pairs Of Opposite Leaflets, 6-10 (20) Cm Long

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